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jiangsu jinjiu sci-tech new materials co. ltd is a production, research and development, sales as one of the high-tech enterprises, located in the three neighboring provinces at the junction of the historic city of liyang city, adjacent to the aaaa state-level tourist scenic tianmu lake, the geographical position is superior. company production base covers an area of 500 mu (260 acres), the registered capital of 60 million yuan, with a total investment of 300 million yuan, the introduction of the international most advanced germany and italy imported equipment, manufacturing technology, continuous innovation to make various technical indicators are far beyond national and industry standards, into the international advanced level.

jiangsu jinjiu sci-tech new materials co. ltd, the brand concept to dissolve into ceramic plate technology, to create excellent quality ceramic plate products, production of energy conservation and environmental protection wall ceramic plate texture, color jade, sound insulation, noise reduction and simple, heat preservation effect is good, can be widely used in office building, high-grade residential buildings, is with the international standards of new energy-saving and environmentally friendly building curtain wall materials.

under the advocate of "sponge city", r, jiangsu science and technology new material co., ltd., with its strong technical strength, scientific and strict production management, committed to the development and production of sponge city road materials, the development of high strength of permeable brick of pottery and porcelain, the use of ceramic waste by high pressure and screening material, adding binder, the forming, drying, 1200 degrees of high temperature sintering quality permeable pavement material, has the good permeability, can quickly permeate, make the city road get rid of the bondage of traditional materials, easily cope with 60 mm/h of rainfall; r permeable brick of pottery and porcelain can not only adjust the rain infiltration, storage, and to restore the natural storage capacity, to prevent the groundwater depletion, can also improve the ecological environment of the vegetation, adjust air humidity, purify air, eliminate the fog haze, lower the temperature of the surrounding environment, restore the surface water circulation system, effectively ease the urban heat island effect ". at the same time, its various colors can enrich the urban landscape, enhance the urban ecological function and make the city more livable. jinjiu ceramic permeable brick is used in pavements, public gardens, squares, courts, botanical garden roads, lightweight roads, parking lots, underground construction projects and new sports venues.