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jinjiu win the nankai university oriental art building
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jiangsu jinjiu technology k&k ceramic plate successfully won the nankai university master of the oriental art building project.

nankai university is the state "project 211 project" and "985 project" key construction universities, is the beloved premier's alma mater. founded in 1919, the founder is the famous patriotic educator zhang boling and yan xiu. during the war of resistance against japanese aggression, nankai university and peking university and tsinghua university in kunming formed the world famous southwest united university, known as "the north of the university". fair can with each passing day of nankai university, adhering to the "allow" the school motto, carry forward the "patriotism, dedication, innovation, lequn" glorious tradition, developed by zhou enlai, chern, and works as a representative of a large number of outstanding talents, for national rejuvenation and national rich and strong (powerful) made an important contribution. nankai university is located in tianjin city of bohai sea, which is also the first batch of universities in the country "111 plan" and "everest project". in 1986, master fan donated money to build the oriental art building.