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涓€銆侀噾涔呯殑缁胯壊浣垮懡/green mission of jinjiu group:


a report by the united nations environment programme (unep) said that a third of global energy use related to greenhouse gas emissions is related to building energy consumption, according to a report released by the united nations environment programme (unep). therefore, promoting energy conservation in buildings is expected to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. jinjiu group is undoubtedly the leading enterprise of environmental building materials in this background.



浜屻€佸搧鐗岃癄閲?/span>/culture & brand definition:


k& k is "keep walking & amp; keep walking", which embodies jiangsu jinjiu technology new materials co., ltd. adhere to the principle of quality first, with strong research and development strength and advanced production equipment, with the architectural pottery plate product quality as a starting point, will continue to innovation, unremitting progress, to provide the market with international standards of quality and reliability of construction ceramic plate products.


 k& k based on architectural pottery plate industry, building ceramic plate products research and development, production, sales in a body, is the domestic and the world the best product quality, the equipment most advanced ceramic plate production enterprise, is the world's architectural pottery plate production experts. "keep moving forward, never stop", the outstanding technology casts the perfect quality, perfect the service to build the industry leader, the first brand in the building pottery industry is jinjiu people's unremitting pursuit!