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the characteristics of the ceramic permeable brick

1銆丟ood permeability
jinjiu permeable brick of pottery and porcelain has good permeability, can instantly penetrate into the rain, easily cope with 60 mm/h of rainfall, can reduce the sewage load, effectively alleviate the pressure of the urban drainage system of flood discharge, prevent the urban waterlogging.
2銆丩arge capacity for water retention
the porosity of ceramic permeable brick is 20-30%, which has good water storage capacity, which can prevent groundwater depletion and restore the natural reservoir capacity. can effectively adjust the local space of the earth's surface temperature and humidity at the same time, improve the ecological environment of the vegetation, purify air, eliminate the fog haze, restore the surface water circulation system, effectively relieve urban heat island effect ".
3銆丒xcellent safety and skid resistance
jinjiu ceramic permeable brick because of rough surface, its prevent slippery value bpn is 70 above, together with its good water, water retention, make the shop road rain water not easily, snow is not easy to skid, enhance the safety and comfort of the pedestrian.
4銆丒ffective absorption and noise reduction
jinjiu the porous nature of ceramic permeable brick, makes the sound waves hit the road surface, cause the permeable brick holes or gaps of air movement, close to the wall of hole on the surface of the air speed slower, due to the resistance against friction and air movement, make the acoustic attenuation, the city sound environment improved. the pore structure of the ceramic permeable brick can effectively reduce the noise level of the pavement by 6 to 10 decibels.
5銆丠igh strength, compressive, anti-freezing and weathering
jinjiu ceramic permeable brick has been sintered with high pressure and more than 1200 degrees, and its strength is significantly higher than that of other permeable pavement. its compressive strength reaches 50mpa. its cold resistance is extremely high, antifreeze value up to 25 鈩? r ceramic permeable brick also have stronger resistance to weathering corrosion resistance, even in strong acid alkali corrosion was not easily also.
6銆丼ignificant economic benefits
jinjiu ceramic permeable brick through high temperature sintering, color rich and durable, can be laid out style elegant city road. however, the ceramic permeable brick of the ceramic tile is more than the reusability of the other paving materials, which reduces the waste of resources in construction and produces good economic and social benefits.