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montobang multimedia library
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the construction of the new montobang multimedia library plays a leading role in the urban renewal project in the eastern part of the city. it symbolises the face of the city, providing a clear identity for these neglected communities, while still representing the state of montob. at the same time, there is a transformation of this project: in this digital age of knowledge, such design is a huge challenge to space, information materialization and classification. this is the "third space" between domestic space and work space.

the project has been divided into three equal parts: a citizen, bbs, a large reading space that lets people experience the joys of exploration and assembly, as well as reading rooms and workshops. through the superposition of these three functional entities, the highest level of diagonal is placed, which is located on a diagonal line with the lower two floors.

the building is covered with a layer of ceramic tiles to pay tribute to the brick buildings in montobang. only a few side of the window that have read a desk to break this special pottery facades. the outdoor space treated with colored concrete evokes memories of the cobblestone sidewalks of the old town.