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chengdu international intangible cultural heritage expo garden
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intangible cultural heritage -- the source of human civilization, the beginning of world view, in its continuous development and inheritance, provides human beings with a long history of life. chengdu international intangible cultural heritage expo park, first of all, pioneering the east of world civilization. with the clearest cultural context, the most forward-looking cultural carrier, the most valuable business plan, the cultural strong voice of the dialogue world, the chengdu strategy of the "non-relict capital". chengdu, will invite the consensus of the cultural inheritance and development of the elites of all walks of life, and this: guangyang civilization source, chuang the spirit of the times, in the name of chengdu, moved the world!

chengdu, on the road of protection and inheritance of the cultural heritage, has entered the forefront of the world. chengdu international intangible cultural heritage expo garden is selected as the facade of the outer wall of k&k k&k red pottery, which is the building language of the ceramic plate to carry the chinese thousand years of pottery culture. attention of the world's intangible cultural yichanjie international, has been successfully held in chengdu, two terms, from more than 40 countries around the world, the united nations educational, scientific and cultural organization officials, the passion of each cultural group participation and the high praise, vigorously promote the world's cultural status of chengdu, chengdu to provide fresh momentum of economic and cultural communication.