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panda electronic information no. 3 science park
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nanjing panda electronics co., ltd. was founded in april 1992 by panda electronics group co., ltd., which is the backbone enterprise of cec china electronics. its parent company, panda group, ranks among the top 100 companies in china for the past 24 years. its history can be traced back to 1936, which was hailed as the cradle of china's electronics industry.

in 1996, the company listed on the hong kong stock exchange and the shanghai stock exchange respectively, and became the first a h listed company in china's electronic information industry. the company's registered trademark "panda panda" is the first "chinese famous trademark" in the electronics industry.

panda electronics has abundant technology development strength, has built three national engineering technology development center, 1 postdoctoral station, scientific research and development level is the leading position in the national industry.

panda electronics in 2013 electronic information science and technology park 3 choose jiangsu r k&k ceramic plate for exterior wall decoration materials science and technology, the project uses 600 x1200mm, 600 x1500mm large size red pottery plate, the extra-large ceramic plate used in jiangsu regional market for the first time. the leading enterprises of china's electronics industry and the leading enterprises in the ceramic industry are bound to promote the wide application of the large-sized ceramic plates in the national market.