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a delegation from the city of jintan visited the city
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on july 20, jintan fan shoubai secretary of municipal party committee and mayor of the city party and government delegation to visit li ding rong residual rate of economic and social development, city leaders chengjianliang, su jianghua, dilixin, pan yunfang, minjianping, xia guohao, zhou weizhong, zhang peizhong, juck, liu peiyao, ai-wen zhang, shao qinhua, fourth national, zhang yan, tang huaxin, jin-long cai, zhao-hui wang, liu, cao jun, cui wenmin and warm reception, director of the municipal court, city's procuratorate in jintan city party and government delegation.

in the investigation, the party secretary sheng jianliang focused on the major ways of promoting the transformation and upgrading and promoting the development of the industry. fan shoubai, the party secretary of the golden altar, said that through the visit, the sense of authenticity was inspired by the courage, spirit and spirit of the development of brother city, and the relevant measures and results provided valuable experience for the golden altar.

accompanied by chengjianliang and other leaders, the jintan city party and government delegation visits the jiangsu r successfully new materials co., ltd., a new era of science and technology park, jiangsu up and cable group, yanshan park, hangzhou high-speed liyang station, etc.