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new landmark of red valley beach center-no.c
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hongdu nongong commercial bank building, a new landmark in the central area of red valley beach. hongdu agri-businesses bank is a fully functional and complete facilities, advanced technology, in the industry are in a leading level in the province and the state of modern financial comprehensive service, in the red valley beach district can better service of nanchang, jiangxi.

no. c of downing street has successfully signed hongdu agricultural bank with its comprehensive advantages such as the value of its unique political and economic focus location, the traffic value of the two subway and the image strength of the ultra-senior modern architecture. the downing street c as hongdu agri-businesses bank headquarters and data centers, rural credit cooperatives in jiangxi province for the central valley of red beach perfect financial services industry more boost to the development of cbd to red valley beach value leap, compose the red valley beach spanning the cbd development.

downing street c choose r k&k gray 400 x1100mm ceramic plate for exterior wall decoration materials, the use of an area of 16000 銕? building height of 163 meters, which is currently the project with the biggest jiangxi ceramic plate unit usage.