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flalford industrial and commercial administration
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originally built in the 1980s, the flalford administration for industry and commerce in lelistad was intended to add an additional annex. van den oever, an architect from amsterdam, suggests rebuilding an integrated, optimized, and dynamic building to replace a new one on the original building.

the planners suggested that the three oldest parts of the building merge into one. so, today you can see through the design of fine ceramic plate of the facade will be connected the separate building group, create a new character identification, and for building the redesign has made important contributions. this modern, insulating effect is better equipped with soil sensors and photovoltaics, which reduce the energy consumption of buildings.

the original three buildings are connected together and are lengthened by the light-colored steel structure on the first floor. the top layer stands three meters out of the top, adding a new look to the building. surrounded by the design basis is adopted in the form of metal glaze ceramic plate, the accepted good quality ceramic plate facade is 3 cm thick, a wide range of ceramic plate size should be ambitious architect design concept into a reality.