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university of texas at dallas student service center
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university of texas at dallas student service center has been awarded by the united states green building council leed certification issued by the (namely the leadership in energy and environmental design, green energy and environmental design), make an important contribution to environmental protection and sustainable development.

first of all, the priority of the student service center is to provide one-stop service for all the campus activities of students. in the service center, we provide the recruitment, accounting, student affairs, registration, parking, financial assistance and other services, as well as other business units with students as their own.

the dreamy appearance is simple and poetic. layer of layer of drape ceramic board adornment, with transparent ground glass perfect combination, highlight lightsome, clever temperament. the ceramic bars of different lengths are suspended above the facade to give it a sense of rhythm and make the building full of life. excellent visual effect and spatial experience change the conventional teaching architectural impression.