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jinjiu ceramic plate product promotion meeting
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on may 25, shanghai hongcheng international architectural design co., ltd. held a product promotion meeting of jin jiutao board, and many architects in shanghai participated in the promotion meeting.


promotes through the careful preparation, the main ppt presentation, this paper introduces the r ceramic plate products, and ceramic plate curtain wall project case of application technology, many architects for energy conservation and r r group innovation research and development of new ceramic plate have heard earlier, under the careful explanations of the speaker, has to know the r group of comprehensive strength and competitiveness in the industry, r application fields and advantages of ceramic plate, application cases and r r ceramic plate ceramic plate installation method and matters needing attention. building designer to ask questions during the meeting, understand the forming process of ceramic plate and moisture-proof insulation r ceramic plate heat insulation, noise, environmental protection and energy saving, durable, light weight, high strength, flame retardant rain characteristics of self-cleaning, experience is long cover is new. wonderful report, good interactive atmosphere make meetings achieve the ideal effect, promotes the region architects know r ceramic plate curtain wall, improve the r and the architecture of communication, the architect of the r group of product development and r the performance of the ceramic plate with deeper understanding, r ceramic plate got present architects' consensus.



finally, the keynote speaker and the architects conducted a discussion and exchange, and watched the jinjiu group propaganda film, and more intuitively understood the production operation process and project sales situation of jin jiutao board.