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jinjiu ceramic plate鈥斺€擲hanghai normal university art education center project
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project name: shanghai normal university art education center
material: golden long deep red pottery rod and 18 thick four-groove five-sided ceramic board 



shanghai normal university is a key university of shanghai which is jointly constructed by the ministry of education and the shanghai municipal people's government. it is a famous comprehensive university that has a long history of liberal arts and has the characteristics of teacher education.

shanghai normal university art center project construction area of 20000 square meters, is a key project of shanghai normal university in 2014 to determine one of is a collection of academic exchange, large gatherings, art, performance, etc. as one of the communication center. the exterior wall of the project is made of a golden long red ceramic rod and an 18-thick four-slot five-sided ceramic board.



shanghai normal university art education center is dignified and dignified, with a square structure outside, revealing the elegance and sanctity of art.

external wall facing the project effect is highly demanding, ceramic plate cutting joint must strive for perfection, by adopting r 18 thick dark red ceramic rod and four slot five surface ceramic plate to conduct a comprehensive external wall decoration, strictly control the gap, ceramic plate is articulated with the windows and the ceramic plate and create construction administrative levels sense, shape and color with the surrounding environment photograph echo foil a mysterious artistic breath.

after the project is completed, it will become another landmark on campus. it was built for the development of "high art into campus" activity to build a good platform, for the sustainable development of the school, expanding foreign exchange, display style play an important role in shanghai normal university.