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jinjiu ceramic plate鈥斺€擳he sina smith (group) promotion meeting
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on june 5, jinjiu group of jiangsu province held a promotion meeting of the jin jiutao board in sinasmith (group).

think, smith (group) is the construction project of international top professional design company, has a class a qualification of architectural design of comprehensive and design class b qualification, in all kinds of large-scale public buildings, high-grade office building, comprehensive commercial body, the hotel and tourist entertainment, sports, museums, hospitals and school buildings, etc. the special design has a wealth of experience.



the r ceramic plate type in the form of speech to those building designers introduce r ceramic plate products to share the r in the engineering case analysis pattern on ceramic plate in curtain wall applied technology innovation, not interacting with architects, the architectural designers have benefited a lot from a simple explanation.

the curtain wall of pottery has already occupied an important place in the area of building curtain wall in shanghai, looking forward to the golden long pottery board to show more wonderful works for you!