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jinjiu ceramic plate鈥斺€擳he eastern suburbs of dahua
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project name: the eastern suburb of dahua
the amount of ceramic plate: 100 thousand square meters

dahua jinxiu eastern suburb is located in the pudong new area of shanghai international tourist resort disney and china (shanghai) double radiation area of the free trade area, close to shanghai pudong international airport and city highway, is located in shanghai waigaoqiao port, pudong airport, yangshan deep-water port, shipping logistics industry area, perimeter have five big golf, four schools. the total construction area of dahua jinxiu is more than 250,000 square meters. it is a single-family complex that integrates the functions of residential, commercial, commercial and other functions. it is a place for high-end customers to live, work and operate in the region. the project curtain wall bidding competition is particularly fierce, and the jinjiutao board stands out among many domestic brands because of its superior performance, and the project is now completed.

dahua jinxiu dongjiao is the largest project of ceramic plate monomer in east china, and also the largest domestic villas. the project uses the golden long ceramic plate, the overall architectural style is neat, the color is full. jinjiutao has been widely used in residential buildings and high-end villas. ceramic plate is very suitable to create a quiet, comfortable living space, its noise insulation, noise reduction, moisture, rain dry hanging self-cleaning, enduring, the characteristics of energy saving and convenient installation seismic antiseptic make r ceramic plate dahua jinxiu the outer walls of the eastern suburb project engineering preferred.