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colorful inventory of the world
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manaola, italy

manaola, a fishing village, is one of the five fishing villages in the coastal town of northern italy, but the smallest one. colorful buildings are brighter in italy, where people can enjoy the laid-back seaside atmosphere, because cars are not allowed to enter the town. visitors can arrive by bus, boat or on foot. 


venetian island

colored island is only a short passage from venice and is famous for its colorful buildings. it is said that the buildings here are painted in color to allow fishermen to see their homes in the distance from the sea. although colored island is small, it is worth taking a day of sightseeing, especially the colorful museum that will be completed in june. 


longyearbyen, norway

every year between november and january the city of longyearis in darkness because of the very night. there are only 1,800 people here, maybe that's why they painted their houses in color. sixty percent of the land is covered by glaciers, and if you come here in the cold, you can take part in a variety of activities, such as kayaking, dog sledding, sledding, etc.


cape malay region(bo-kaap)

the history of the malay region is as colorful as its houses, and in the 17th and 18th centuries it was inhabited by the slaves of the dutch people of malaysia, indonesia and sri lanka. now there is a strong muslim flavor, such as mosques, minarets and temples. no one here will ask you the time because, since 1806, there will be a full shot at noon every day, and locals will tell the time of the gun.


jodhpur, india

jodhpur is on the edge of the thar desert, and if you look down from the top of the hill overlooking jodhpur, you'll know why the city is called the blue city. the blue buildings and the sky are far from each other, as are the markets and markets, selling everything from sari to silver and wood carving.


boca district, buenos aires(la boca)

the boca district of buenos aires is known for its colorful buildings, especially along caminito. the tradition is said to have come from early residents who borrowed paint from nearby shipyards, but now the colour is matched by the artistic atmosphere of the town. if you come here, you can see the boca juniors football match. don't forget to try the italian food here. it's local.


in the area of the willemstadt area of the island of kurazo

while the buildings along the harbor are baroque in europe, these colorful buildings are unique in the caribbean: mango, garnet, avocado and papaya. the island's warm climate, trade winds and hurricane zone make it a perfect place to enjoy the seaside.


brazilian salvadoran peronio

through the colorful baroque buildings of el salvador, you may be able to see its dark history: it was once the center of the bahia slave market, which lasted until 1835. now, african and brazilian culture compatible here, if you are in a holy day on tuesday, you will see the active side here, because this day the poor will receive free bread from the church, the street will see people dance and sing, like a grand meeting.


copenhagen, denmark

danish fairy tale master hans christian andersen has written many children's books here. the coastal town of copenhagen, known as newport, was once separated by the grand canal, where the rich live in the shade of the canal and the houses are made of stone. ordinary people live on the side of xiangyang, the house is made of wood and painted in color. it has become a fashionable place, with 24-hour restaurants, bars and cafes.



jaipur, in the northwest of india, is known as the "pink capital" of rajasthan's capital. these pink sandstone palaces have about a thousand windows for the royal ladies to watch the busy market below.


campeche, mexico

like many of mexico's colonial towns, campeche was built on the site of the original mayan ruins. there are many baroque buildings, which were included in the unesco world heritage list in 1999. now, the board-style streets are lined with colorful crayons, which attract a lot of tourists.



from ocean avenue to washington and corinth, you'll see a lot of 1920s and 1930s buildings that show ice cream and reveal a typical miami flavor. in fact, in miami beach and southern beach, more than 800 of these mediterranean renaissance and miami modern styles combine in colorful houses, giving out colorful charm in the sun.